What we do

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1. Arbitration

Our team of lawyers poses unmatched depth of experience and expertise within the field of Arbitration. The team consists of highly specialized Advocates, with extensive experience, and younger lawyers who are committed to acquiring skills and experience in this area. Heading our Arbitration practice is Mrs. Florida Kabasinga a practitioner of international criminal law and former Prosecutor at the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

The team offers the full range of arbitration services, both in Rwanda and in International Arbitrations outside of Rwanda. Senior members of the team are able to act as arbitrator when appointed by an Arbitration Organization or by agreement between the parties. We are also able to provide the full range of services in other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation.

2. Labour and employment law

We have capacity to advise you on all aspects of the employment relationship including Minimum requirements from the Employment Act, Drafting employment contracts, Drafting consultancy contracts, the procedures for Termination of contracts and carrying out redundancies and on confidentiality and restraint of trade clauses in employment contracts. Our lawyers will help you to solve a wide range of labour disputes.

3. Family law

Our job is to help you evaluate your options. If the facts in your case suggest a mediated settlement will benefit you, we’ll recommend you consider this option and help you through the negotiation process. However, there are circumstances when court intervention is necessary to ensure preservation of property and assets, ensure personal safety or to make a decision when the parties are not able to resolve the matter on their own.

4. Litigation/ dispute resolution

At Certa law Chambers we value parties reaching an amicable settlement. We do offer specialized services for alternative dispute resolution (i.e. Arbitration and Mediation) in both Civil and Commercial Disputes. Our services include evaluating the dispute and the claim and advising clients on the probable course of action, Mediating between conflicting parties and Litigation Management

5. Banking

The firm undertakes a great deal of complex and ordinary litigation arising out of banking and finance work. We also have significant expertise in providing general regulatory advice to banks and financial institutions in Rwanda

6. Revenue and taxation

Our team provides a much sought after advice on all tax and regulatory aspects relating to International trade (imports, exports and local manufacturing of goods), particularly customs and excise tax and exchange control. We represent Taxpayers in negotiations with the tax Authorities. Where necessary we lobby tax authorities and make representations on a wide range of issues relating to new legislation, obtaining directives and dispute resolution.

7. Corporate and commercial transactions

At CERTA Law Chambers, we strive to meet the legal needs of businesses both big and small. We provide Transactional representation to Corporations and small Businesses, including:- Purchase/lease Agreements and Real estate closings, Business formation and Dissolution, Business Representation e.g. Contracts, Employment matters, Intellectual property, Trademark Infringement, Business litigation and Contract negotiation, Sale of assets, Shareholder and operating Agreements.
(Let us help you with all your business and corporate law needs)

8. Intellectual property

Our team of lawyers offers Intellectual Property services regarding issues such as Acquisition of Patents and Trademarks, Evaluations of Third-party Rights, Infringement concerns, and obtaining Licenses, Assessing Mergers and Acquisitions and deciding whether or not to proceed with litigation. If litigation is inevitable, we act aggressively to achieve your specific objectives. We are engaged in the practice of international and domestic IP law including advertising, computer, copyright, internet, patent, trade secret, trademark and unfair competition law