Our employment and labor lawyers are known for their creative, business oriented counseling skills and, when necessary, their results-driven and highly successful litigation practice. CERTA represents local and multinational businesses with respect to the full range of workforce-related issues, including employment contracts, handbooks and policies.

The employment lawyers at CERTA will work closely with your management and human resources professionals to develop and maintain clear, suitable employee handbooks and policies carefully tailored to meet your business objectives.

When it comes to employment contracts, we can help you draft strong, enforceable restrictive covenants and other provisions that clearly inform employees of their duties to their employer and protect you against the loss of confidential information, customers and other employees.

CERTA’s employment lawyers are known for providing practical, business- oriented solutions. One of the solutions involves employment law-related training. Clients repeatedly ask us to provide this service. Since requests for employment law training can vary dramatically from client to client, we have extensive experience in tailoring employment law training programs to meet your specific objectives.